We produce good quality, washed, high grade White China Clay (Kaolin) Lumps/powder with excellent fineness and stringent quality. The raw material used is from one of the finest deposit in our country i.e. from Thonnakkal, near Trivandrum, Kerala. The material is best suited for Paint, Paper, Fiberglass, Detergents, Printing ink, Ceramics, Toilet soaps and Rubber industries.


The promoters of Alpha Clays who own large extent of land, through systematic investigations with the help of the Department of Mining and Geology and the Regional Research Laboratory, found out that what they own is one of the finest grade deposits of china clay available in the world. With about 1.50 million tones of china clay deposits on hand, floated a mining company in the name Alpha Clays. This company has been in operation for the last sixteen years, with its own fleet of excavators, tippers and other mining equipments.

Alpha Clays has been highly successful in its mining operations and had a large number of reputed customers. China Clay obtained from Alpha Clays’s mines has been consistently showing very high quality with regard to all the critical parameters. Alpha Clays is one of the leading suppliers of raw china clay matrix (white) in South India.


(a) THE GENESIS AND HISTORY ALPHA CLAYS set up its own beneficiation plant, ALPHA MINERALS & CHEMICALS (AMCL) for value addition of china clay in the year 2001. The raw material was analyzed both at Regional Research Laboratory (RRL) CSIR, Trivandrum & also at AMDEL laboratory; Australia .The extremely favourable results coupled with the rich experiences of the promoters gave the required impetus for setting up AMCL. The plant is located at Pottal, Ambasamudram, Tirunelveli Dist., Tamil Nadu.

(b) PROCESS ` Selected raw clay matrix (raw materials) is blunged with good quality water. The slurry is further passed through various stages of classification. This is then subjected to particle size separations and then subjected to able Alpha Clay shing for Alpha Clay shieving the desired brightness and shade. The purified slurry is then dried and powdered. For these processes, advanced equipments are used, where human involvement is minimum. Qualified and experienced persons are operating these equipments.

(c) QUALITY CONTROL The quality control starts right from the mines. After proper testing in our lab, the matrix is conveyed to the plant (AMCL) from the mines. At AMCL the material is subjected to various level of beneficiation processes. Quality is closely monitored at various points throughout the process by the full-fledged laboratory at the plant site. Research and testing support of RRL, Trivandrum is also utilized .The final product is also analyzed for the required specifications to assure that the customer gets the right product as per his requirement. Test certificates are issued with eAlpha Claysh consignment for all critical parameters.


1)Paper 2)Paint 3)Ink 4)Detergent 5)Rubber
We have different products to cater the needs of different industries.
ALFAKOT 55 - Paint & Paper (High Grade), ALFAKOT 45 - Paint & Paper (Ordinary Grade), ALFAKOT - Printing Ink, ALFAFINE - Fiber Glass, Rubber & Detergent - Filler, ALFAGLOSS, ALFABRITE





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